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Learning to drive with D-Tech Driving School Sydney

Everyone learn how to drive because it is a significant in life, It is best to have a RMS accredited Driving Instructor Sydney to teach you relevant road rules and regulations in order to adhere the rules enforced by the RMS. A good driving lesson is a gift for life.Our focus is to help learners and existing drivers become safer drivers on the road.

Friendly and qualified professional Driving Instructor Sydney will assist learner drivers, not only get a driver license, we also train them throughout the driving lesson Sydney and build up confidence to become better & safer drivers for life. Learning defensive driving lesson would achieve valuable experiences and will last a lifetime. Driver licence will bring freedom, mobility and the greatest responsibility for safety of all road users.

What You Can Expect

with us, you will receive;

  • Keys2drive A free driving lesson.
  • A friendly and qualified professional Driving Instructor Sydney who will coach throughout the driving lessons.
  • Structured Driving Lessons Sydney & coaching and Learning to Drive approach are tailored to learning needs.
  • Flexible hours for convenience.
  • One-on-one coaching and personalised training are the most effectiveness of Driving School Sydney.
  • Provision of comprehensive insured vehicles with fitted duel controls for training purposes – Driving School Sydney.
  • Workplace public liability and professional indemnity insurance available for all learners.
  • Affordable and competitive price provided for all Driving Lesson Sydney.
  • Pickup/Drop off at desirable locations in Sydney driving lesson.
  • Conduct pre driving test assessments.
  • Further support with reading materials and safe driving tips – Defensive Driving.

What We Specialise

We focus on assisting learner drivers to;

  • Safe transition from supervised to independent driving
  • Adopt safe driving behaviours, minimising risk taking and safe decisions making
  • Develop strategies to address risks including late-night driving, drugs, alcohol and general lifestyle pressure that can lead to speeding and driver distraction and fatigue
  • Practice low risk driving behaviours including safe gap selection, following distances, recognition and response to hazards, stopping needs and speed management
  • Understand typical poor driving behaviours (e.g. following behaviour, gap selection, hazard perception, speed selection) and increased crash risk
  • Success is possible in one way…”Get a professional instructor!” Keep moving toward your goals with D-Tech Driver Training!

Hire Car for RTA driving test

  • We provide a car for RMS driving test with affordable and competitive price.

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