Driveway safety tips for parents and carers

Numbers of children younger than five are killed or injured after being run over at low speed by a parent, family member or colleague, particularly toddlers are run over in their own home driveways. We may never imagine of our beloved children as being in danger in such a familiar and caring environment nonetheless it does happen.

Naturally young children are inquisitive and curious. Their behavior can sometimes be unpredictable. By the moment, driver to say goodbye and start the car, a child can move from a ‘safe’ position onto the driveway and into the path of the vehicle. They can run speedily and move behind a car without warning. Tinny little toddlers are harder to see from driver’s seat or mirrors especially if they are immediately behind the car.

There is a large “blind space” behind most cars despite a rear reversing camera has been installed. Children can gain access to the driveway easily and dart out unseen into the path of a moving vehicle.

Preventive measures;


Always supervise any children whenever a vehicle is to be moved, know where the kids are at all times. Physically hold them close to you or put them in the car with you to keep them safe. Teach kids to wave bye-bye from a safe place “Not” (never) at the driveway.


Encourage children to play in safer areas away from the driveway and cars. The driveway is like a small road and should not be used as a children playground. Limit children’s’ access to the driveway by using security doors, fencing or gates in order to separate from play areas. Always keep car doors locked and also never leave children unattended in cars.


Walk around your car before hop in and keep children in mind when using your reversing mirrors, sensors or cameras. Cameras are designed to prevent damage to cars, not children. Sometimes a child may not be visible until it’s too late. Remember always “Think safety, Drive safely”.

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