Driving Test Preparation

Driving test preparation focus on specific driving test centre and actual test routes at nearest RMS. Thus we are conducting driving lesson Sydney under Driving School Bankstown, Driving School Silverwater, and Driving School Wetherill Park and Driving School Sydney.

 Driving Test Preparation

    • Understanding of RMS course sheet and marking criteria
    • Highlight “Fail” and “Immediate Fail” Items
    • Specialise in “Reverse Parallel Parking (Manoeuvre), Angle Parking, Three Points Turn and Kerb Side Stop
    • Speed management (S)
    • Road Positioning (P)
    • Decision Making (D)
    • Hazards (H)
    • Responding to Hazards (R)
    • Vehicle Control (C)

Pre-driving-test Assessment

    • Conduct simulative driving test assessment on actual RMS test routes
    • Debrief actual outcome and further recommendation
    • Advise training plan which designed to fit learner needs

Overseas Licence Conversions

    • Assess existing skills, identify weakness and strengths, highlight necessary skills and driving techniques such as Reverse Parallel Parking (Manoeuvre), Angle Parking, Three Points Turn and Kerb Side Stop

Regular Driving Lesson Sydney “Structured Lessons”

    • Prepare to drive, Vehicle controls, Moving off and stopping, Steering, Changing gears
    • Scanning, Reversing, Simple traffic, Parking, Complex traffic
    • Changing lanes, Speed management, Road positioning, Decision marking
    • Responding to hazards, Driving at night, Driving in adverse conditions, Country driving
    • City and motorway driving, Prepare for the driving test

Refresher Courses

Refresher lesson aims for drivers with a current NSW drivers licence and overseas licence holders, those who’s like to gain confidence on the road and improve their driving skills.

    • It designed for a holder of NSW drivers licence but have not driven for some time and/or would like to brush up on particular skills and/or to gain confidence
    • It is also suitable for international drivers (overseas licence holders), generally driven overseas but need experience on Australian roads, conditions
    • Refresher lessons can also help people who may already have a licence but not have experience in driving a particular vehicle

Motorway Driving

    • Earn safer driving experience and build up confidence on motorway with higher traffic volumes
    • Theory and practical motorway driving tips