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Carmen – Ashfield

Hi, I’d like to thank John for helping me pass my Red P’s at first go. He has been patient, by showing me the proper way of driving, abiding by the different road rules. Thanks to john, I’m able to know the road rules much better driving in Sydney. Also, he has been able to pinpoint by strengths and weaknesses, allowing me to focus on my weaknesses and work on that. I was not able to practice my L’s and took about 10 lessons with him before I went for my test. I was very nervous on the day of my test, but I took an hour and a half lesson before the test, and he was able to refresh my memory and ensuring that I will be able to pass the test with confidence. His guidance has boosted my confidence throughout the process. That’s how I got at first attempt. I would highly recommend John to anyone looking for a driving instructor in Sydney.

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